The finest in veterinary care Animal health and nutrition is what we do best and care about most. Livestock Care Prescription Pets Care Poultry Care The finest in veterinary care Livestock Prescription Pet Care Poultry care We equip poultry producers with the tools they need to prevent, treat and control common poultry challenges and improve the health of their flock.

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We empower those who raise and care for animals with a comprehensive set of animal health products and knowledgeable services to help them address the global challenges of a diverse and changing world

Healthy Farm Animals Raising healthy animals minimizes  the potential for spreading of diseases while also supporting  farmers’ livelihoods and providing nutrient-rich meat, milk, fish, and eggs to nourish and support human life. Through  our products and services, we improve the health of animals by supporting the prevention, control, and treatment of diseases. Guided by our vision of food and companionship enriching life, we ensure integrity, affordability, and availability of the food supply chain, and help to raise animals more efficiently, through supporting healthier people and a healthier environment.
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Common diseases

Bukoola Vet is one of the leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies in Uganda Under Bukoola chemical Industries Ltd offering a wide range of High quality, safe, and effective therapeutic veterinary formulations.

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    Introducing the finest Vet pharmacy in Uganda

    At Bukoola vet, we believe healthy animals are the key to solving some of Uganda’s most pressing issues.  Through our innovative products and services, we empower veterinarians, food producers, pet owners, and all those who raise and care for animals with the tools they need to advance animal health. Whether it’s sustainable protein production, chronic disease management, year-round wellness, or therapeutics Bukoola Vet offers the complete  solution. 

    How we care for dairy cows. Our products and services help dairies produce wholesome, safe milk, and drive sustainability by improving the overall health and well-being of dairy livestock.

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