Our veterinary Services
01Poultry Veterinary services

We provide a full range of Poultry Health Care Products and an expert Poultry Diagnostic Service. Keeping your flock disease-free is essential for a healthy flock.

02Animal Health services

We offer comprehensive veterinary services for all animals including pets and beyond. from Preventive care and surgery to Diagnostics. Professionalism is paramount.

03.Animal Nutrition supplements

We offer premium animal supplements, nutrition products, feed additives, & Multvits so you can overcome challenges & raise healthy animals.

04.We do Farm Auditing

We do practical advisory sessions to effectively help farmers achieve change toward a more sustainable way of farming Livestock raring specific.

Uganda's Finest in Veterinary care services
Bukoola vet has been present in Uganda since 2017, offering innovative solutions, specializing

in Disease diagnosis and prescription, Animal and Poultry Consultancy, Post-mortem procedures, Vaccinations, and Feed formulation of all animal species.

You can book our professional Vet doctors to visit your farm depending on the farmer’s quest.

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