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Is it true that cows can only produce milk if they have been pregnant?

Like humans, cows need to be pregnant and give birth for milk production and release. Milk production involves the complex interaction of several different hormones, which are set into play…
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Do Cows Need to Be Milked? Check Out the Facts

Cows don’t always have milk in their udders, and they don’t need to be milked by farmers. They produce milk for the same reason human women do: to feed their babies. Since cows…
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Feed A Cow, Milk A Cow, Sell The Milk, It all seems so easy.

Feed a cow, milk a cow, sell the milk. It all seems so easy. Today the average person is 2 or 3 generations removed from the farm. The average person…
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Nutritional strategies to improve dairy cow..

Providing the correct nutrition is essential for today’s high-yielding dairy cows. Over recent decades, genetic improvement and better management practices have dramatically increased dairy cattle milk production but, at the…
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Everything You Need to Improve Herd Health

How do you know when you need to add goat supplements into the diet of your herd? Goats will eat just about anything, right? It’s a common misconception that goats…
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Why animal supplements aren’t as difficult as you think

The viability of their business is directly linked to animal health and product quality. Whether you’re raising chickens for eggs, deer for hunting or cows for dairy, the health of…
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