Buparvaquone Injection

No side effects have yet been detected. Localized, painless, edematous swelling points may sometimes be observed at the injection site, especially in thin-skinned animals. If you notice any serious adverse reactions or other reactions not listed on this package, please inform your veterinarian.

As with all veterinary drugs, the use of buparvaquone injections can cause adverse reactions. Always consult a veterinarian or animal care specialist for medical advice before use.


For a complete list of all possible effects, consult a veterinarian. If any of the symptoms persist or worsen, or if you notice any other symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately.


10ml vial/box;20ml vial/box;30ml vial/box;50ml vial/box;100ml vial/box;500ml vial/box

*or according to distributor/market composition


Active Ingredients: