Cattle Blank Ear Tag

Cow Ear Tag With Button is widely utilized in dairy farms for marking cows with a unique code for easy identification. It also helps in identifying the health of individual livestock & separating diseased ones to safer places to prevent disease spread.

This tag is made of superior quality thermoplastic material with engraved codes. Ear Tag is applied by piercing the ear and fixing it with help of metal pins. It can also be availed in different colors, shapes, & sizes as required according to choice.

Although the use of blank ear tags and marking pens offer maximum flexibility in numbering cattle, ink fades over time and makes it hard to read tags in the pasture/field. Thus, our laser engraved pre-numbered livestock ear tag ensures long-term readability and offers ease of identification of inked numbers.

  • Our tags have been designed to guarantee the highest possible retention rates and are easy to apply with our ear tag applicator.
  • We have ear tags for cows, pigs, and goats.


  • Tamper-proof one-piece design: Coupled tags will not reopen, snag, or break when subjected to moderate force. Tags do not melt in field temperature conditions.
  • Material: Durable and high-grade thermoplastic polyurethane material
  • They have anti-coloring properties on your livestock skin.
  • Packaging: Our tags are packed in good quality polyethylene bags containing 100 pieces of ear tags.
  • Coated metal tip coloring: Self-piercing rustproof tip which ensures clean and precise incision on the ear.
  • Tags are water-resistant, thus easy to disinfect before application.
  • Compatibility: The offered tags are compatible with recommended ear tag applicators for small and large livestock.


When applying ear tags to your livestock, pay attention to the positioning of the ear tag as well as its direction, considering which part faces the animal.

Also, ensure proper disinfection procedure is adhered to.