Copper-tip Plastic Steel Injectors

It is mainly used to timely deliver the required drugs for livestock pups, pets, and poultry. It can be applied to subcutaneous injection of conventional drugs and vaccines, mainly for veterinary clinics (pet hospitals), farms, etc.

Application of retractable safety self-destructive syringe:

Chicken,rabbit monkey,goose,pig,sheepdog,horse and duck..etc.Point of Care, Veterinary, and other medical fields

Plastic Veterinary syringe. Animal husbandry and the Veterinary industry can use this continuous syringe for animal treatment and vaccination.

Our range of syringes comes with Luer slip and Luer lock different needle options. These syringes can be used in any veterinary healthcare setting. Visit our pharmacy today.

NL205 5ml 10 ml 20ml 30ml 50ml Coppertip plastic steel veterinary injector syringe ; Properties: Anatomy Appliances, Diagnosis & Injection ; Material: plastic ..



This poultry vaccine can be used for vaccine injection for animals such as dogs, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, cattle, etc. Widely used in agriculture, pastures, and farms.
Ergonomically designed handle.

Comfortable to hold, with two vaccine bottles, more convenient to use, and easy and labor-saving injection.

Brand OEM brand acceptable
Capacity 10ml/20ml/30ml/50ml/100ml
Materials Plastic and steel
Feature Convenient operation
Application Chicken,rabbit, monkey,goose,pig,sheep,dog,horse and duck
Packing Paper box
Model Ibex

Comes with Needles
A clean needle and syringe of appropriate size should be selected for injections. If using a single-dose syringe, select a small syringe
for a small injection and a larger syringe for a large dose. Measuring an accurate dosage for a small shot is easier with a small syringe,
whereas larger dosage volumes can be accommodated by a larger syringe. Always use a sharp, sterile needle. Using proper needle length and diameter is critical for administration.