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Emergency Cases

Please feel free to contact our friendly Technical staff with any general or Veterinary enquiry.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 9.00 Am – 17:00 pm
Saturday 08.00 Am- 16.00 pm
Sunday 08.00 Am – 15.00 pm

1.1. The contract comes into effect when the customer orders, and when its order had been accepted by Bukoola vet Pharmacy, For the customer, placing an order implies that he fully agrees with the present terms and conditions.

1.2. Bukoola vet Pharmacy, is doing its best to process the order of the customer, as soon as possible, and to send the products within 48 hours after the order (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, legal non-working days, and possible holidays indicated on the website).

In the case the customer has chosen the “in advance payment method”, the order is sent within 24 hours after the receiving of the payment. If Bukoola vet Pharmacy, is not able to respect those deadlines, Bukoola vet Pharmacy, will inform the customer as soon as possible, and the customer will be allowed to cancel his order if he wants, and in this last case if the customer already paid, he will be refunded as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, the order won’t be considered as cancelled, if the products are available or delivered before the request of cancellation.

1.3. Bukoola vet Pharmacy, reserves the right to restrict number of purchasable products, and to cancel the order in case of extraordinary heavy or voluminous order. If a product is not available at the stage of the sending, this product won’t be charged, neither sent at a later stage.

2.1. All the indicated prices include the Ugandan VAT (7.7%). Those prices do not include possible shipping costs. All prices are subject to availability. Bukoola vet Pharmacy, reserves the right to modify prices in case of raw material price changings, salary or taxes changings, exchange rates changings, or any other event which influences prices. In such cases, Bukoola vet Pharmacy, informs the customer as soon as possible.

2.2. In the case an incorrect price is displayed on the website, and that whatever the reason (bug, technical of manual mistake, etc.), the order will be cancelled and Bukoola vet Pharmacy, will inform the customer as soon as possible. In such a case, the customer will have the possibility, if he wants, to order again at the corrected price.

2.3. The customer has the choice between several payment methods: Cash, Mobile Money or “in advance payment method” (bank transfer). In case of payment in advance, the customer gets 3% rebate on the total amount of his order (excluded possible shipping costs).

2.4. Bukoola vet Pharmacy, can cancel an order if the customer is insolvent, or if he didn’t pay in time previous orders, or if Bukoola vet Pharmacy, has valuable reasons to think that the customer has fraudulent intentions.