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Bukoola Vet pharmacy focuses on providing high quality, appropriately priced products with dedicated state of the art customer service.  Established in 2017, Bukoola Vet is a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company with the ability to develop, manufacture, supply, and market veterinary products. Quality embodies the spirit of the company. Quality is apparent right from the moment you step into the premises, in the numerous facets ingrained and internalized into the company’s ethos.

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    Introducing the finest Vet Pharmacy in Uganda

    At Bukoola Vet, we believe healthy animals are the key to solving some of Uganda’s most pressing issues. Through our innovative products and services, we empower veterinarians, food producers, pet owners, and all those who raise and care for animals with the tools they need to advance animal health, whether it’s sustainable protein production, chronic disease management, year-round wellness, or therapeutics.

    We provide a comprehensive range of plans for co-operatives and individuals at every stage of poultry birds, goats, cattle and pets  with a sustainable and affordable  service rate plan. 

    Dr Atim JenifferSenior Manager Bukoola vet