Ear Tag Applicator

The Ear Tag Applicator is a special set of applicators for attaching ear tags to different kinds of livestock animals. They come in different sizes; Large sizes (for cows, horses, etc) and Small sizes (pigs, sheep, goats, etc.)  pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats.

The ear tag applicator is livestock equipment used in fixing ear tags to animal ears for the purpose of identification. It is multipurpose and suitable for fixing all kinds of ear tags (small or Large), be it sheep, goat, pig, or cattle ear tags.

This EarTag Applicator is of high quality, very strong, precise, and reliable, and can be used to apply large, medium, and small ear tags for livestock.

Ear tagging has both management and production benefit. The use of a good ear tag applicator ensures and guarantees the determinant of a stress-free tagging process.


This high-quality ear tag applicator does not only give you high precision, but also aids the long-term retention of ear tags and makes the whole process smoother, easy, and less stressful for the livestock operator/Farmer.

This ear tag applicator can be used for different kinds of livestock ear tags.

Characteristics of the EarTag Applicator:

  • Durable Material: This ear tag tool is made of quality alloy with stainless steel clamp, durable and rust-proof.
  • Widely Used: A good helper tool for the Livestock Farmer, suitable for many kinds of farm animals like; pigs, Sheep, Goats, cattle, and Horses’ Ear tags. the applicator pin is small, which means less bleeding, reducing the pain on animals.
  • Lock Design: Used to open or close the ear tag pliers.
  • Non-Slip: Non-slip finish, nice hand grip; stainless steel spring, great elasticity for labor-saving.
Product Features
  • Various sizes are available, perfect for all kinds of livestock animals.
  • Apply in breeding population, epidemic prevention and control, meat quarantine, and all the field of information management for animals or livestock.
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Small size(Red); large size (Cream or Black).
  • Suitable for all ear tags.
  • User-friendly.
  • Spring coil makes it safe to open.
  • Includes backup pin.
  • Also for electronic ear tags.
  • Made from coated metal.

Package included:

  • 1 x Ear Tag Plier.
  • 2 x Needle.